Wearing More Jewelry

Are You Giving Unique Gifts This Christmas?

Have you decided that this is the Christmas that you will give unique jewelry gifts to all of those on your Christmas list? If so, from selecting single skull gold bracelets for both men and women to choosing charms for a necklace of a bracelet, here are some ideas that might help you as you shop. 

Single Skull Gold Bracelets - Have you ever seen the unique single skull gold jewelry that is being worn by many people today? You might have been very surprised at how attractive it is. After all, who ever heard of putting a skull on a piece of jewelry, right? Well, whoever started using skulls in the design of jewelry probably has a very creative mind. If you're choosing single skull gold bracelets for some of the guys on your list, consider pairing the gold skull design with a leather band. If you are selecting single skull gold jewelry for the women on your list, or for just one special somebody, think of buying a skull gold bracelet that has skulls going all around the bracelet. Another idea is to select a double bangle bracelet with just one single skull right in the center of the bracelet. And, if you want to make the gift a larger one, consider buying a pair of single skull gold earrings to match the bracelet you have selected. Consider, too, buying a bracelet that has been created out of both silver and gold. That way, it can be worn with other silver or gold jewelry.  

Personality Charms - Besides the purchase of single skull gold jewelry, consider other jewelry items that you can give to people on your list. Think of buying a single charm that can be added to a bracelet the recipient already owns. Or, buy a single charm that will hang from a chain. Match the charms to the recipient's personality or to his or her favorite pastimes. For example, if the recipient loves to paint, consider buying a charm that depicts an artist's paint palette. If the recipient loves the beach, consider purchasing a seashell charm or a lighthouse charm. Perhaps the recipient of a charm you want to buy has a passion for traveling. If so, think of buying a charm of the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And, if the recipient has a passion for animals, buy a charm of a dog, a cat, or any other animal. Or, go back to the single skull jewelry idea and buy a single skull gold charm.